23 June 2021

Community Encore at Arcare Peregian Springs

Across Arcare Aged Care, we form connections with community groups that visit our residents and team members over the years. This helps to develop relationships and strengthens our local community ties. Some residents are unable to venture out into the local community, so our lifestyle teams reach out to organisations to ‘bring the community in’, following appropriate safety guidelines and restrictions.

Their most recent visit to Arcare Peregian Springs.

We are delighted to share our long standing partnership with the talented Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus, organised by Lifestyle Coordinator Diane Tyler who remains good friends with the a cappella group. This creative group has been visiting Arcare Peregian Springs over the last four years with special concerts for the residents and team members to enjoy.

Successful on-going partnerships with groups like the Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus help to encourage the growth of lifestyle interests for residents. Some residents had never heard of Barbershop singing prior to moving into Arcare Peregian Springs.

Some of the men from the Chorus shared that they continue to perform at Arcare Peregian Springs because “the joy on their faces when we sing is why we continue to share our music with them”.

Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart

During one of the songs selected from their set, they asked the audience if there was anyone named ‘Mary’ or ‘Lou’. No one raised their hand until, Lifestyle Coordinator Di Tyler encouraged one of the residents who’s middle name was Lou. She bravely raised her hand and the group all smiled at her. They proceeded to sing “Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart“, a classic barbershop song and made sure to pay special attention to this resident with animated faces and cheeky gestures. At the end of this song, this resident stood up in applause.

Di Tyler shares that “this is a great way to bring the community in and the residents always get excited when news travels of their next visit as they love to hear them sing”.

“One more,” the crowd shouted as the group announced the final song. “It was refreshing to hear and a nice way to start the day”.

The group sang a collection of songs across different genres. They also did a demonstration to help with those who were new to the barbershop scene. The group sung in four part harmony and each group sang their part of the song: tenor, bass, baritone and lead. Once they all sang their part, they sang together to help improve the listening experience for the residents who were in awe.

About the group

The A cappella group started 30 years ago when an ad was placed in the paper by two men who were looking for two other members to create a quartet. Over 40 men showed up to audition for the part, and so, a Chorus was created. The Sunshine Statements legacy continues and today, they are a collection of men with over 30 members who meet up weekly in Buderim to sing to their heart’s content. From all across Sunshine Coast, the eldest long standing member is 91 years old. During the pandemic, the group stayed connected through zoom, verandah visits and park practices.

They compete professionally in regionals and national barbershop competitions and are regular pillars in the community, performing during Christmas and at community events. Some benefits from this is the long lasting friendships and camaraderie shared together.

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