18 February 2020

Cooking with Maria

Arcare Templestowe are continuously committed to delivering 5-star food and meals to all their clients. The team are always looking for ways to improve the food and menu offerings, in order to meet and exceed their clients needs, wants and preferences.

In February, the Arcare Templestowe team encouraged client, Maria to provide and share her feedback on the food and menu offerings.

Maria is incredibly proud of her family’s recipes. Maria frequently discusses her love of cooking, and the pride she feels when she cooks for her family and guests, with the team at Templestowe.

However since Maria moved into aged care, she has missed cooking, sharing her recipes and eating some of her traditional dishes.

When the Templestowe team heard Maria’s feedback, they knew that they had to make changes and they then began planning how to work alongside Maria to make the necessary improvements.

Partnering with head chef, Josh, Maria began working in the kitchen to be involved in menu planning and the cooking process.

In late February, Maria worked in the kitchen alongside head chef, Josh to cook her family’s traditional sauce recipe.

Maria’s face lit up as she began sharing the recipe and method with Josh; the glimmer of pride was back in Maria’s eyes.

The Arcare Templestowe team are committed to continuously working alongside Maria to ensure that she is happy with the food and with her new home at Arcare.

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