22 June 2020

Cooking with Wendy & Marianne

The Arcare Sydenham community run a weekly cooking group as a part of their lifestyle program.

On Friday 12th June, a group of clients from the Arcare Sydenham community got together to cook some chicken and vegetable soup.

Clients, Wendy and Marianne had a wonderful time helping cutting up all the vegetables for the soup.

While Wendy and Marianne were keen to get their hands dirty, other clients chose to watch the outdoor cooking group from inside, as it was too cold for some to go outside.

Wendy and Marianne made chopping up the vegetables into a bit a competition between the two of them, constantly bragging to one another that they were winning because they had chopped up more vegetables than the other.

Once the soup was finished, all of the clients from the secure dementia community were treated to a warm bowl-full.

Many of the clients complimented the cooking group on their delicious soup, and many can’t wait to taste test what they cook up next.

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