16 November 2020

Cycling around the world

Over the last couple of months, the Arcare Cheltenham community have travelling around the global from the safety and comfort of their armchairs. Introducing Livitivy’s Cycling Memory Lane program into the lifestyle activities, the team have enabled residents to virtually get out and about during COVID restrictions, without needing to leave the residence.

The cycling program enables residents to cycle around the world and view a range of wonderous landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Eiffel Tower. To move around, the program prompted residents to get active and pedal with their feet using the provided mini pedal exerciser.

To excite the community further about the new cycling program, the lifestyle team organised a variety of cultural days, which invited residents to take a trip to a specific country not just through the armchair bike, but through colour dress-ups, special lunches, high tea and craft activities.

The community particularly enjoyed their trips to Italy and France, with many complimenting the team on how engaging and realistic the cycling program feels, as well as how the decadent paired food transported them to Rome and Paris. The Armchair Cycling program continues to prove itself as an engaging reminiscing activity, as well as exercise, stirring up a lively discussion between residents about previous travels and favourite holidays over the years.

Due to popularity, the lifestyle team have continued to run weekly sessions with the VR cycling program.

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