14 February 2019

David and Keith’s presentation

David Edge and Keith Greenwood, from Arcare Point Lonsdale, met 25 years ago through the golf club. They have been firm friends ever since and share a love of art.

Together they set up an art studio in David’s backyard. Both value constructive criticism from each other. As Keith’s eyesight decreases – David became his eyes and assisted him with ‘straightening’ the light house that Keith loves to paint.

Keith and David both work from photos taken from travels and magazines or newspapers.

David celebrated that Keith has an ability to really capture the essence of the land that he paints. Keith said, ‘He likes to use the intensity of colour to show the drama of the landscape.’

Both David and Keith started drawing as children. David was seven when he captured a portrait of his grandfather and Keith was 10 when he discovered his love of painting.

As Keith was dyslexic he said he failed at every subject but got 100% for art and he thought, ‘Well, that’s what l’ll do.’

Recently they spoke to the Point Lonsdale Community about their passion for art. It was evident to everyone in the room the respect they have for each other and the loved they share of painting.

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