23 April 2020

Dress to impress

During the precautionary lockdown many clients at Arcare Carnegie started to miss the community’s regular bus outings and being able to get all dressed up to go out. To remedy this, the lifestyle team decided to host an event that was worth getting dressed up for.

The Dress to Impress exercise class was a first for the Arcare Carnegie community, however it didn’t take long before a long list of clients had put their names down to be involved.

Each member of the exercise group was encouraged to dress up and to also bring a small flower from the community garden to present to another member of the community.

Some of the men came dressed in suits, while the ladies donned their best jewels and even put on some makeup.

Some clients commented that the class felt more like a ball or formal dance than exercise.

After the group had completed their exercise routine led by Snowleena, everyone went around handing out their flowers. The flower surely brought smiles to many faces within the community; something that was much needed during these challenging times.

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