22 June 2021

Enjoying the suite life at Arcare Caboolture

Meet social butterfly Erall Pettit, resident at Arcare Aged Care Caboolture.

Erall shares her take on the Arcare Aged Care experience.

My name is Erall Pettit.

I’m here at Arcare, I’ve been here for over two years and I tell you, I laugh every single day.

The girls in here and the guys, but the girls are absolutely wonderful.

They take all the silly stuff I carry on with and give it back to me, which I love.

They are really like a family. I never ever thought I would ever come in to a place that I had to, but I did and I tell you what – it’s been the best thing I could have done.

I’ve made friends in here and I travel around a lot. I walk the whole place all the time. I love that, because I love people.

That might have something to do with me being an only child and I’m inclined to hang on to people, friends – which, whether they want to or not. They’re stuck with me.

Getting to Arcare, I could recommend them and I have recommended them.

There is a gentleman in here now, who followed what I said and he’s happy as anything.

So, I can only say, from what I’ve heard, that we have won the lotto here with our carers. Everyone.

Down to the laundry, and the activities.

We do have a lady that’s in charge of activities. She is a very amazing woman. Absolutely amazing.

She has got a wonderful personality. She takes everything, all the rubbish we carry on with. Never makes us feel that we shouldn’t be that way and I tell you, all I can say it [turns to face Lifestyle Coordinator, Sue] “Thank you, Darling. You do make it very, very, very much easier”.

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