15 May 2020

Fashion parade

On Friday 1st May, Arcare Malvern East team member, Jocelyn hosted another Fancy Dress Fashion Parade.

To ensure that everyone was social distancing during the event, only Hilton community clients were invited to watch the parade.

Team members put in a great deal of their own time, working out the lighting, music and seating, to ensure that they put on a 5-star performance for the community

Team members strutted their stuff on the Hilton lounge room catwalk, wearing a range of cultural garments and wacky costumes. Some of the highlights included lifestyle coordinator, Tina dressed as a tropical clown and maintenance man, Mark dressed as a cricketer.

The clients loved the event, laughing, clapping and dancing throughout the afternoon.

Jocelyn hopes to organise another fashion parade in a fortnight’s time for the Savoy community at Arcare Malvern East.

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