7 July 2020

Faye’s experience volunteering

My name is Faye Thomson

I am a volunteer at Arcare Maidstone.

This is my story about how I became a volunteer at Arcare.

My beautiful mother moved into Arcare Maidstone in early 2011. I went to see her every afternoon. I always had my wool and needles with me, as I would knit while I sat with mum.

One afternoon Shirley, who was in the Lifestyle team at the time, came in and asked me if I would be interested doing some volunteering, and I said yes.

I started volunteering one morning a week, doing craft just with ladies. I would also knit once a week with the ladies, serve morning tea, and hold reminiscing sessions. The more I volunteered, the more I found that I was really enjoying it.

Now nine years later, I am still volunteering at Arcare Maidstone, but now I come in 4.5 days a week.

I like to help in any way that I can.

I do the coffee run after lunch for clients. The café team know when I come to order and what I normally order.

I help setup and call the Bingo games, which really helps the lifestyle team.

I also go to visit the clients, who do not have many visitors and we have chat.

I like to assist the lifestyle team by going out on the bus outings like to morning melodies.

I help serve the pre-dinner drinks and I enjoy ensuring that everyone has what they need at the celebrations and events.

When it is Footy Tipping season, I take charge and run Maidstone’s footy tipping competition. I go and ask the clients and team members, who they are picking that game.

When my day is over and I go home, I feel very happy knowing that I have been able to help and contribute to the community in these small ways.

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