4 March 2020

You can find us sewing at Arcare North Lakes

Anticipation was building among the clients at Arcare North Lakes when the sewing room finally came to fruition.

The ladies who love sewing now have a perfect hideout for their needles, bobbins and pretty fabric.

They even have a handy model on display named Delores, who is absolutely at home in the sewing room.

Delores was kindly donated by Arcare team member Linda after she found out the North Lakes’ clients were missing something in their new room.

During a visit to Spotlight on a bus outing, the clients had the opportunity to select their favourite fabric patterns.

‘This material is so very pretty! I want to get them all,” a client said.

They were getting ready for their first sewing project, putting together handcrafted joey pouches for the little bushfire-affected friends.

The clients were very happy and keen to assist anyway they could! The first sewing session was full of excitement for them.

Everyone who participated had a special job to do – some prepared materials, cut patterns, pinned patterns and some sewed.

‘Wow! I’m surprised I haven’t lost touch with my sewing after all these years! I haven’t sewn for such a long time but I think I still have the knack.” a client commented.

And we can’t agree more!

A lot of the ladies at Arcare North Lakes used to sew their own clothes, their children’s clothes and some have even sewn beautiful wedding dresses over the years.

Getting back to the sewing machine has definitely brought back a lot of memories for the ladies.

And it is also a great way for them to keep up with their hobbies, skills and talents.

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