13 May 2020

Flower arrangements for Mother’s Day at Arcare Warriewood

Mother’s Day at Arcare Warriewood was filled with the sweet scent of florals lingering in the air.

‘I feel like I’m in a florist, with so many pretty flowers around me,’ a client exclaimed.

Instead of buying one, clients decided to make a gift and were busy making one-of-a-kind flower arrangements for all the female clients.

They felt so much joy and fulfilment in making the flower bouquets for their friends, rather than for themselves.

In the end, they all worked together to arrange 49 bouquets of flowers!

‘This is such a personal gift, thank you so much. These flowers have brightened my day!’

When asked about how they were feeling, a client said, ‘Who knew working with flowers could smell so good and be so much fun too?’

The clients at Warriewood are always keen to try new and different activities such as flower arranging.

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