29 July 2019

Gaining freedom and independence through their favourite activities

As you enter Arcare North Lakes, you will be impressed with the friendly clients and team members who actively roam around the residence.

As you enter the foyer, one the closest rooms you will walk past is the spacious theatre.

Many clients and team members often stop for a chat outside the theatre while they are on their way to their next destination.

Wondering what they often chat about? Well, the monthly social leisure calendar is something that everyone looks forward to being a part of!

Often at noticeboards, people will stop to talk about the monthly social calendar. For example, clients get excited about the upcoming events and really enjoy discussing between them which events and activities they would like to attend.

“My favourite activity is watching my favourite movies in the theatre every week!” a client said.

The team members also very happy to engage in conversations around the calendar as they appreciate hearing all sorts of feedback from the clients and their families. If there’s something they can improve on, you know they’ll take it on board.

After a moment of conversation and discussion around the lifestyle calendars, everyone happily decided they wanted to have a group photo taken with the new calendar display!

“Make sure you’ve got my best side!” one client joked.

By encouraging our clients to share their input and voice their thoughts, they are able to gain a sense of independence and freedom.

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