25 August 2020

Games in the café with Sandie at Arcare Parkinson

During these unusual times with changing COVID restrictions and visitor limits, the Lifestyle team at Arcare Parkinson have been working hard to come up with new ideas, games and more activities for the clients.

Café attendant Sandie has been doing some activities with the clients when they visit her in the café or are feeling lonely and looking for something to do.

We now have a cabinet with games such as Scrabble and Connect Four, quiz books, creative art books and pencils and a jigsaw.

We have a Hookey and Quoits Board for everyone to use as well.

Once family members are able to visit again, we are looking forward to them making the most of these games and spending time with family.

Client Shirley completed the jigsaw with Sandie today and Shirley shared with us saying, ‘This is such a great idea, we are really lucky at Arcare Parkinson that the staff all get involved and join in the fun and activities with us.’

And we are looking forward to coming up with more ideas and activities for all!

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