3 February 2020

Gaye Jordan’s amazing life as a ballerina and flight attendant

Recently, we had an honest discussion about our lives and there were many stories that were swapped at Arcare North Shore. But one story certainly took everyone by surprise. As we shared photos of our life, the room was silent in awe of Gaye Jordan’s wonderful life.

It all began with her first job at 13 years old. By working at Woolworths, Gaye said it gave her the motivation to finish her education in order to escape the monotonous day-to-day life of retail. She thought to herself, ‘I don’t want to be doing this for the rest of my life.’

From there, she decided to pursue her passion – dancing. Gaye first started dancing at seven years old and for many years, she worked tirelessly to perfect her intricate skill of ballet. Her absolute favourite dance was the ‘Romanian Gypsy’. She explained it was all in the details, ‘I got to run around stage with a Tamborine!’.

At age 19, she moved to England to further her career. For Gaye’s first-ever professional performance, she played a maid that was ‘in and off stage very quickly’, she added. However, her fondest performance was also her very first ‘leading lady’ role; this was the musical ballet of ‘Her Only Mistake’.

‘It was about a woman whose only mistake was not falling in love. So, she tried to seduce the hero,’ Gaye remembered fondly. ‘However, she didn’t get there in the end. There was a big fire and I had to run across the stage screaming. I didn’t do that part very well, I always thought it was too overdone.’

She had to take on many extensive roles including Shakespearean plays to renditions of well-known ballets. Her career in England also gave Gaye the opportunity to work with some amazing people, one of them being Harry Secombe.

At 31, Gaye retired from the theatrical profession. ‘I could see the writing on the wall, I was 31 and dancing on pointe. I couldn’t do it for the rest of my life.’ Once Gaye retired from dancing, she found a new career in travel. Working at an airline, she was able to travel the world. ‘I’ve been to almost all countries except one. It was a wonderful time to see so much of the world’.

‘Remembering all this is like travelling through the mists of my memory, I couldn’t remember this before. It’s like telling a story of another lifetime,’ she said.

The team members and clients at Arcare North Shore was captivated by Gaye’s adventurous life and now they cannot wait to hear even more about her fantastic journey.

We hope she will continue sharing her amazing adventures with us!

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