24 May 2019

Golden Oldies choir at Arcare North Lakes

Many of our clients at Arcare North Lakes enjoy listening, singing along and dancing to music! So to make their day even better, we held a choir event to give them the time of their lives.

And the Golden Oldies choir did a fabulous job at our Musical Themed Event!

Thanks to our choir lady who spent many years with Arcare North Lakes working with the group and encouraging our choir to grow and learn.

To make the event even more memorable, we held a little competition where the audience participated in guessing the name of the musical where each song came from.

“I know that song! I know it very well and it is from Mary Poppins, a very good musical”, a lady said.

They did a wonderful job at this game and many won chocolates as prizes.

Our very own Lifestyle assistant made a cameo appearance in a beautiful outfit that was fitting for the occasion.

She had even made the costume herself!

Singing songs from their generation brings back a lot of memories of watching the old musical with their family.

Some of them even remember being involved with the musicals plays at their high school.

They also remember performing the same songs on stage, in front of their family and friends.

Some also reminisced the time they spent on sewing their own costumes.

Everyone sang the melodic songs in harmony, with much enthusiasm and grace, plus a little bit of humour thrown in.

One client said, “Singing these old songs brings back so many memories of when I was a teenager”.

Our audience was encouraging and as always, they sang along loudly to the songs they knew by heart.



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