27 November 2019

Did someone say Spanakopita?

The Greek community at Arcare Templestowe is continually growing.

Understanding the need for Templestowe’s Greek clients to make connections with one another, the lifestyle team decided to establish, Greek Club. The lifestyle team formed the group with the hope that their Greek clients could meet one another, form relationships, swap stories, enjoy Greek traditions together and reminisce.

In November, clients from Arcare Templestowe’s Greek Club came together to engage in some traditional cooking.

Arcare Templestowe’s head chef, Josh invited clients from the Greek Club into the main kitchen to get their tips on making the perfect spanakopita.

Josh gave the clients a tour of the kitchen and the clients were very impressed with how well designed the kitchen is. The clients were also amazed at the boxes of food and boxes of fresh vegetables that were around the kitchen.

“I know where to go for snack!” One client said.

Soon the group began cooking, sharing their knowledge and swapping recipes. The clients enjoyed being able to have an input and being able to voice their opinions during the activity.

As Josh browned the onion and cooked the spinach, he continually sought out the clients advice. Josh would constantly check to see if the clients thought that the mixture needed more seasoning or needed to be cooked longer.

One of the clients pointed out that in order to make the most delicious spanakopita, it is important to set the spinach aside overnight to dry out. Josh appreciated the kind advice from the clients and said that he was keen to try out their recipes and tricks in future.

Once the spanakopita was finished cooking, the clients proudly went around to offer other clients and team members a piece to try.

Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Greek Club Kitchen

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