10 June 2020

Hanging out with hippies at Arcare Parkinson

It was a groovy day at Arcare Parkinson when clients and team members took a trip back to the 60s with flower power, flared pants and fringed vests for their Hippies dress-up day.

They listened to music from the 60s and 70s, had a discussion about Flower Power, talked about the clothing that was worn and had a laugh at all the great costumes.

‘It’s just a really fun day and the clients love it, so to see everyone participating brings them so much joy,’ Lifestyle Co-ordinator Jodie said.

As you walk around the residence, it certainly looked like everyone was getting dressed up to attend the infamous Woodstock Festival with their peace necklaces, flowers in their hair and tie-dyed bandanas.

But it was a day full of good vibes as clients and team members held up peace signs to one another, spreading messages of peace and love to everyone.

Wearing their funkiest and brightest clothes, the clients had a great time releasing their inner hippies for one day.

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