17 August 2020

Happiness hatched

On Monday 13th July, the Arcare Templestowe community welcomed new feathery arrivals into the community.

After twelve eggs were setup in an incubator in the activities room, the community had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby chicks. Finally the time came, and the community gathered around to watch on, as three of the twelve eggs hatched.

With each new day after that, a new baby chick hatched, much to the delight of the onlooking clients.

Once the chicks were grew in size and were strong enough, the lifestyle team introduced them into their play-pen, where they were able to roam freely, and the clients were able to pat, and pick up and cuddle with the baby chicks as they wished.The lifestyle team have also been doing suite visits with the chicks, to ensure that no one misses out on the warm cuddles.

Over the last month, the community have watched as the chicks have grown bigger and thrived. Lifestyle coordinator, Kerryn says, “This was the perfect activity for this lockdown. It was the much-needed light for many during these dark and difficult times.”

Now the chicks have grown, the lifestyle team have been busy searching for their permanent, forever homes. Already all the chicks have found their home, with many generous team members and their families offering to take them in.

Due the success of the baby chick program, the lifestyle team are eager to introduce something similar again in the near future.

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