8 April 2020

Heartwarming story from Myza visiting her mum at Warriewood

During the preventative lockdown period at Arcare Warriewood, team members have been updating families and helping them stay connected with their loved ones. With permission from family member Myza, we would like to share her story after she visited her mum at the aged care residence.


We haven’t seen my 90-year-old mum for over 4 weeks. She lives in Arcare Warriewood aged care residence, which did the right thing and locked down right away.

I call her daily but have been really missing her. So I called the residence and asked if there was any way we could see her.

They were so kind. They said if we came to the front doors, they would bring mum to the foyer, give her the phone and we can chat whilst seeing each other.

As you can see, I got super emotional. The moment I saw her, I broke down and cried. She was reassuring us she was safe and well cared for, for us not to worry and to take care of ourselves.

Huge thank you to the nurses and staff at Arcare Warriewood. They are such wonderful, beautiful people. We really appreciated them for doing this.

Let’s never take each other for granted. Life is short and we never know what the next day brings.

Everyone comments that mum looks amazing for a 90-year-old. She loves to dance. She is very old school and never leaves her room without hair and makeup done. She is always dressed to receive visitors.

She has nine children, 28 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. There is usually always someone there to visit her. But she is keeping her spirits up and looking forward to the day when we can hug each other again.

I’m so grateful she is in a wonderful aged care residence that cares for all of the residents.

Take care everyone!


This touching story from Myza has been shared in the global Facebook group ‘The Kindness Pandemic’ and has over 18,000 likes, 900 comments and 200 shares. Her story was also featured on ABC Sydney’s Facebook page.

To find out more about visiting clients at Arcare Warriewood, please contact the Residence Manager.

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