16 September 2019

Henny Penny, our residence chooks at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

We have a very egg-citing surprise for everyone at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

The newest members of our Arcare team, Henny Penny finally hatched.

After spending two weeks with us hiding in their shells, they finally decided to venture into the world.

And to our surprise, one was yellow and one was black.

During the two weeks, we had to ensure the eggs were kept in the right condition for them to grow and hatch successfully.

As we took the little chooks around to each wing to show all the clients, everyone could not help but ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at how adorable they are.

And everyone was so happy to hold them in their hands!

The little chooks were very soft and warm to touch, and they loved being cuddled by the clients.

“Can I keep them in my bed?” someone joked.

Some of the clients even remembered the times when they would visit the local farms in the area when they were younger.

They would feed the chickens and the ducks, pet the farm dogs and chase the sheep.

These special little chooks certainly brought back a lot of cherished memories for the clients as they reminisced on the times they had spent on the farm.

“I can’t wait for them to grow older and bigger so we can have the eggs!” one client commented.

Here at Arcare Eight Mile Plains, we are always egg-ploring new ways to excite and interest the clients in their hobbies and activities.

I guess Hen Therapy is now the new trend!

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