18 September 2019

A Feline Furry Friend

The residents of Arcare Glenhaven were treated to a visit by pet therapy cat Duchess. Duchess is a friendly ragdoll known for her flirtatious behaviour as she often loves to walk all over the residents and purr very loudly to let everyone know she is enjoying herself.

All the residents were so excited to see Duchess visit in her special cat stroller, the residents always get a good laugh once they realise there isn’t a baby in the stroller but rather a cat, for many it is even a better surprise.

Many of the residents couldn’t help but give Duchess lots of cuddles as she is so soft and warm and just beautiful. Even residents who had never owned a cat previously wanted to have a turn at holding Duchess and giving her pats.

As always Duchess was taken into the sensitive care unit where she was able to provide some much-needed emotional support. Some of the ladies in Tweed can become very upset and emotional at times and a therapeutic strategy used is to talk to the robotic cat, so these particular residents were to touched to see a real cat that they could hold and cuddle and hear her purrs.

One resident was so ecstatic to see Duchess walk through her bedroom door; Margaret used to be a cat breeder. As you can imagine, Margaret had been surrounded by cats her entire life and absolutely adores them. Margaret has said in previous times that when she was living on her own that her cats were her best friends and they would keep her company throughout her days. They were always very reliable friends to her.

Margaret was able to cuddle Duchess and instantly Duchess knew she was in good hands. Margaret opened up to Duchess’ owner Rebekah about all her favourite cat stories.

The entire visit was wonderful to observe for the staff as they could see how much jot it brought the residents and especially Margaret as being able to hold a cat again and reminisce about the special friends they once had.

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