30 August 2019

Indian Independence Day at Arcare Templestowe

The Arcare Templestowe community recognised and celebrated Indian Independence Day on Thursday 15th August.

Indian Independence Day is an annual holiday that marks the end of British rule in 1947 and the establishment of a free and independent Indian nation.

The community were encouraged to wear bright coloured clothes to show their support for the holiday.

To further recognise and celebrate the day, everyone came together to enjoy a delicious homemade Indian feast.

Team member, Dashren prepared a mild traditional style Indian curry, as well butter chicken, for other team members and clients to enjoy.

The lunch enabled team members and clients to form closer relationships, through conversations about their cultures, traditions, lives and heritages.

Lifestyle coordinator, Noelene said, “It was great to hear everyone’s stories over a meal, it helped everyone better understand their cultures and traditions.”

Many clients commented on how much they enjoyed the day and learning more about the Indian culture.

Client, Christine said, “It was good to get dressed up and be part of the celebration. It’s so important to a part of celebrations such as these.”

Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Indianday

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