17 January 2020

Jean and Joyce, two good friends at Arcare Caboolture

Good friends can be hard to find but when you do find it, it is important to cherish it.

And two clients at Arcare Caboolture are doing just that.

Jean Wilkinson and Joyce Johnson moved into Arcare Caboolture around the same time in the year of 2015.

They met each other when they coincidentally sat down at the same dining table for their meal.

It was a good thing they did because they have been good friends ever since!

Both ladies are from the same Sampson community, making it a lot easier for them to interact and visit each other.

Joyce is vision-impaired so Jean often goes to visit her in her room where they would sit and chat all day.

As you walk past and hear joyous laughter coming out of Joyce’s room, you just know that her very good friend Jean is paying her a visit.

‘We chat often, we really do have a lot in common,’ Jean said.

It is truly wonderful to see the close friendship between Jean and Joyce at Arcare Caboolture.

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