20 November 2019

Kinder kids visit Arcare Maidstone

In September, children from Explores Early Learning came to visit the Arcare Maidstone community.

A large group of clients patiently sat waiting for the children to arrive, in the upstairs lounge room. Once the children finally arrived, the room began feeling so much lighter and brighter. Warm smiles swept across the clients’ faces, as they embraced their little, four-year old friends.

After much discussion, warm cuddles and whispered laughter, the children sat in a circle to formally introduce themselves to all of the clients.

Their kindergarten teacher then encouraged the children to sing their classes song about learning about different cultures within the community. This song, further widened the smile of many clients, as many of the clients come from a variety of different backgrounds.

Everyone then broke off into smaller groups to complete different activities, such as reading, drawing and story telling.

Many of the clients enjoyed reading to the small children, as the experience brought back memories of them reading to their own children when they were little. Many of the children, quickly formed attachments to particular clients, finding their warm smiles and calming voices, comforting and friendly.

The Maidstone clients had the most wonderful time engaging, helping and watching the kindy kids flourish and learn. The clients and children are already excited for their next adventure together.


Aged Care Maidstone Photo10 Kinder 2019

Arcare Aged Care Maidstone Kindervisit 2019 (1)

Arcare Aged Care Maidstone Photo7 Kinder 2019

Arcare Aged Care Maidstone Photo14 Kinder 2019

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