8 January 2020

Knitting for the penguins

Over the last couple of months, Arcare Caulfield’s knitting group have been tirelessly working on their latest project: Knits for Nature. Knits for Nature is a penguin rehabilitation program, which enlists community members to knit jumpers for recovering penguins.

Oil pollution is a serious threat to the little penguins, as when the penguins become covered in oil, they will try to preen and clean the toxic oil from their feathers. While completely this cleaning process, the penguins often accidentally ingest some of the toxic oil and damage their delicate feathers, exposing their skin to cold temperatures. The damage done by the oil and cleaning of the oil, often leaves the penguins cold, weak, defenseless and unable to walk, swim and/or hunt for food.

Knit for Nature rescues these defenseless penguins and aids their recovery, providing them with a cosy jumper to fight off the cold.

The Arcare Caulfield lifestyle team provided the knitting group with the patterns, wool and needles needed to make sure the jumpers were knitted just right.

The group of four ladies have now knitted just over 50 Jumpers for the penguins, and they have had great pleasure in letting their friends know what they have been up too, with one friend saying, “How are the penguins supposed to swim with their jumpers on?”

After explaining how the program works to their friends, the four ladies started to recruit new members to the group, saying “Each set of working needles helps all the more!”

Arcare Aged Care Caulfield Penguin Appreciation


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