1 July 2019

Ladies high tea

In keeping with the very popular 1900’s British tradition, the ladies at Arcare Templestowe come together every Wednesday for High Tea.

At the high tea, the ladies enjoy hot tea and coffee, mini cakes, finger sandwiches, fresh fruit and their favourite- scones with jam and cream.

Lifestyle coordinator, Noelene says, “The ladies enjoy celebrating the tradition of high tea together, but most importantly they enjoy sampling the delicious treats on offer. High tea helps create new connections within the community, which is important for general well being.”

Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Hightea 2 3
Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Hightea 2.1

Strong bodies

Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Exercise 2.1

No matter a person’s frailty, age, chronic illness or disability, everyone has the capacity to improve and maintain their physical, social and/or emotional wellbeing.

The Arcare Templestowe community holds weekly exercise classes for their clients, as a part of their activity and lifestyle program. The exercise classes are held to help improve the overall physical, mental and social wellbeing of the clients.

Being physically active not only helps improve overall physical health, but helps the clients: feel more relaxed, have more energy, improves their quality of sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. Regular exercise has also been found to assist in falls prevention, improve blood pressure, assist in managing pain and improve bone and joint problems.

Mostly importantly the exercise classes also enable the clients to feel strong within their bodies and encourages them to retain their independence in everyday life.

Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Exercise 4.1

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