16 March 2020

Language is not a barrier for clients in a game of Mahjong

Clients from Arcare Eight Mile Plains got together to enjoy a game or two of Mahjong in the activities room.

As they were playing, tiles are moved and strategies were calculated as the game requires intense concentration and focus.

Suddenly, everyone was clapping and smiling when they found out that client Kelsie had just won a game Mahjong against the other clients!

Kelsie’s daughter, Kylie was so amazed to see her mum smiling and laughing.

Mandarin-speaking clients Mr. Song and Mr. Lam were also very happy for Kelsie but decided that it was time for round two.

To help with the gameplay, Registered Nurse Stephen joined in the fun and at the same time, assisted with translations.

Upon hearing the fun and the laughter happening in the Kendall Community, client Thi Dam (Hele) from the Gordan Community also decided that she wanted to join in the Mahjong fun.

Despite speaking different languages and coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, from the smiles and the laughter resonating through the room, language proved not to be a barrier for the clients as they enjoyed their game of Mahjong.

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