8 October 2020

Learning the lost art of calligraphy with Gai at Arcare Pimpama

Master calligrapher, loving mother and loyal friend, we sat down with Helen ‘Gai’ Wickham at Arcare Pimpama to learn more about her passion for the lost art of calligraphy.

Sharing her life story with us, Gai opened up about how she came to develop a love for calligraphy and medieval writings from the Gothic era.

From calligraphy and ticket writing to painting and horse riding, Gai has learnt and seen a lot in her years of studies.

It all began when Lifestyle Co-ordinator Amanda was chatting to Gai about her grandmother who was a ticket writer and soon, she found out that Gai had a penchant for it too.

After their chats, Amanda decided it would be a good idea to set up a few calligraphy classes as part of the monthly activities calendar.

One such student who enjoys learning the lost art is June Hackwood, Gai’s very good friend and resident neighbour at Arcare Pimpama.

June shared with us that she ‘took to her the moment they met.’

And described by Amanda as having a fountain of knowledge, the trio’s conversations are always full of fun, discovery and laughter.

Amanda has also been supporting Gai by ordering supplies such as pens, paper and ink to cultivate her craft.

When asked about why she loves calligraphy, Gai said, ‘it’s the beauty of it, what it involves, and learning the history behind it,’

‘it’s in my blood and I wanted to learn more about it.’

A lady who exuberates energy, confidence and life, Gai has worked hard to chase her passion for the art of calligraphy and we are grateful for the opportunity to chat with her about it.

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