23 September 2019

Learning the bongo at Arcare North Lakes’ musical concerts

As you probably already know, the clients at Arcare North Lakes certainly do love their music!

The concerts that the lifestyle team organise are always the highlight of everyone’s week.

Week in and week out, they thoughtfully invite a variety of local musicians to perform at the residence.

And you know when the concerts are happening because the residence will be filled with joyous singing and instruments.

And if they can, the clients and team members will even get up to do a little dance!

This time, Wayne the musician brought in his electric keyboard and played some songs for everyone.

Soon, the clients were bobbing along to the music and wanting to get more involved!

So lifestyle assistant Michelle went to retrieve her bongo.

John was the most enthusiastic as he reached out to play the drums.

“Playing the bongo is really fun! I love the way it sounds and feels.” John said.

He had a big smile on his face as he was playing them.

With the bongo, it’s all about getting the rhythm and John looked like he was in his musical element!

Music has such a big impact on the clients as they grew up listening to the radio and old records.

And at their age, playing and learning a new instrument enhances their mental concentration, muscle memory and emotional state.

After the concerts, they always leave feeling joyful and positive, and their outlook on life instantly becomes more positive.

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