11 June 2020

Letters that bring a smile to clients at Arcare Caboolture

The clients at Arcare Caboolture have formed a strong relationship with students from Caboolture East State School just across the road.

Due to the precautionary lockdown at the residence, the students are not able to visit the clients.

So, they decided to take the initiative and write some heart-warming letters to their good friends.

They dropped them off at our front door and enthusiastically waved from their school property.

‘These letters are just wonderful! It is very kind of the children to think of us,’ a client shared as she read her letter.

These colourful letters have brought a smile to the clients’ faces and they have really enjoyed reading them. and

They are now looking forward to becoming regular pen pals with them.

Lifestyle Co-ordinator Sue also wrote a card thanking the children for their kindness and personally delivered it to the school.