1 September 2020

Letters Against ISO bringing a smile to clients at Arcare North Lakes

Clients at Arcare North Lakes have been receiving letters from Victorian students, as part of a community project called Letters Against ISO.

The high school student named Palwasha contacted Lifestyle Maree and Catherine to offer some emotional support to the clients

She and a number of students wanted to brighten the day of seniors in aged care.

Most of the students are from a high school in Victoria, however other writers from the local community have joined in to write letters to our North Lakes’ community.

There are also students who can write in many languages, ranging in Vietnamese, French, German and more.

From our interactions with the students through their letters, they have shared with us that since going into their second lockdown, they have been studying online.

It is wonderful to see young students taking the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

And it means the world to the clients for the students to take the time to write a letter or two to us; it just puts a smile on their faces.

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