30 July 2019

Lloyd Williams’ Toastmasters journey – getting rid of the umms and the ahhs

By Kathleen Lemonis, Home Care Team Leader

I recently attended a forum where I had the opportunity to see one of our Home Care clients, Lloyd present a speech. His speech was about ‘A Trip to Remember’ as Lloyd really enjoys being able to speak about his life experiences and sharing them with others. In the end, Lloyd won ‘Speech of the Day’!

Toastmasters is a wonderful forum that helps to keep the mind active with a defined learning pathway where members work towards accreditation at each level. Speakers regularly present on prepared topics and also speak weekly in impromptu table topics. Both are very helpful in keeping the mind active and encouraging quick thinking on their feet.

Here’s a basic explanation of how it works – an older and more experienced member of the group is assigned to each new member as a ‘mentor’ when they commence. This is a perfect example of past experience and knowledge being passed down the line in a learning capacity.
Lloyd Williams has been an active member of the Elanora Early Morning Toastmasters for 17 years. He joined to get rid of the ‘Ummms and the Ahhhhs’ and has been a member ever since.

Through the Home Care Package, we have been able to support Lloyd in his Toastmasters journey. And now, Lloyd has been a long-term member of the group, providing him with ongoing social interaction and community participation.

Additionally, the HCP funding has purchased a tablet for Lloyd to encourage further development. With the tablet, Lloyd is now able to complete the online learning modules associated with the Toastmasters learning pathway. Lloyd’s computer literacy and online social interactions with the wider community has also increased.

Maintaining these community interactions and social connectivity is vital for Lloyd who continues to face each day with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

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