29 June 2020

Talking about local bird life with expert Don at Arcare Springwood

Donald, one of the clients here at Arcare Springwood is an avid bird watcher and environmentalist.

Don enjoys presenting on topics of his knowledge, so as part of the Men’s Club program, Lifestyle Co-ordinator Rebecca asked Don if he would like to put together a talk on local bird life.

As the passionate perfectionist he is, Don spent the week preparing, writing and photocopying to provide the men with an educational and interesting presentation.

Don was the president of the Bundaberg Bird Watching Club and also a land manager at Binna Burra.

The knowledge Don has on the environment is simply amazing!

At the program, Don presented the men with a copy of all the local birds in the park next door that he had identified while bird watching during his time here at Springwood.

Among the group of men, many of them could identify some of the birds that Don had listed and they excitedly chatted about it over beers and hot snacks.

David was happy to have a turn using Don’s binoculars to check out the natural landscape.

At the end of his presentation, Don also opened up the floor for Q&A time.

The ladies of Arcare Springwood were also very interested in Don’s talk, so Rebecca has arranged for Don to give another presentation on bird life and vegetation.

What a great opportunity for Don, who loves public speaking, writing and researching, to be able to have a captive audience among his fellow clients.

Being a veteran, Don has also provided many brilliant heartfelt speeches and personal accounts of his experience at our ANZAC and Remembrance Day services.

Here at Arcare Springwood, we encourage the clients to continue sharing their existing skills and enable them with opportunities to learn new ones and make new friends along the way.

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