8 August 2019

Lunar’s little journey on bringing light into people’s lives

On a cloudy, rainy day at Arcare North Lakes, clients and team members were treated to a surprise when film crew and a journalist from Channel 10 dropped by the residence with big cameras in tow!

Everywhere they went, heads were turned as everyone wondered what exactly was going on?

Channel 10’s Georgina Hill was there to do a heart-warming story on Lunar – the Chihuahua cross that visits the clients three times a week.

Lunar is precious to everyone at North Lakes, but especially to her owner Michelle, who is also the residence’s Lifestyle Coordinator.

Michelle has brought in Lunar to the residence since she was a five-month-old puppy and she has since grown to form a close relationship with many of the clients.

Ann, Doris and Lorna all have photos of Lunar in displayed in the room for everyone to see!

It’s wonderful to see the impact Lunar is having on their lives. When she enters a room, everyone’s mood brightens as Lunar goes around to everyone saying hi with her little green ball in tow.

But Lunar’s favourite activity is to hover over the clients as they enjoy their meals and lick up the scraps and pieces that have fallen to the ground.

And like any other dog, she also enjoys a cuddle or two!

In her little handmade uniform and name badge, Lunar is such a delight! She has boundless amounts of energy and love to give.

For clients who feel a little shy or prefer to be alone, Lunar brings a smile to their faces as she goes on her visits and spends 1-on-1 time with them.

Michelle has even told us that Lunar is very emotionally and physically aware! When a client has issues in their heart or in their legs, Lunar will go that problem spot and lie on it to make them feel better. She is amazing!

While for clients who used to own dogs in their younger days, their relationship with Lunar brings back many special and fond memories of their furry friends.

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