13 May 2020

Margaret & Miriam’s flower arranging

Arcare Maidstone clients, Margaret and Miriam just love flowers; everything about them, the way they look, their smell and the way they brighten up a space.

To help support Margaret, Miriam and other like-minded clients’ interest, the Arcare Maidstone lifestyle team has now started running regular flower arranging workshops in the sensitive care community.

Margaret and Miriam are both regular participants in the workshops, and the ladies always have a wonderful time creating the flower arrangements for the dining rooms and foyer area.

Once completed their beautiful creations were displayed around the residence. The pair received several positive comments about how beautiful the tables looked. After every workshop, Margaret and Miriam feel incredibly proud of their work, and feel a sense of fulfillment as they are making a contribution to the Arcare Maidstone community.

Arcare Aged Care Maidstone Flower Arranging

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