16 October 2018

Margaret’s poems

Margaret and Ray Shuck enjoy sharing their talents and hobbies with the Sydenham Community.

While Ray enjoys sketching, Margaret has a passion for writing and has always enjoyed putting together poems and short stories.

Since moving to the Sydenham Community a year ago, Margaret has been sharing her poems with team members and clients; particularly the poems that Margaret feels others can relate to.

Recently Margaret shared a poem about downsizing when you move into retirement or aged care.


by Margaret Shuck

There comes a time when you have to downsize
You have too much STUFF that’s very obvious
It’s all overwhelming so you close your eyes
And wish it would all disappear for you feel quite nauseous

First you sell your home, then ring up the OP SHOP
Then the furniture to the charities for no one wants to buy it
You sort out your lifetime treasures, but the tears won’t stop
Shall I take this or that, you have to be ruthless about it

A nice unit has been found in a lovely retirement village
The packing is done and on it’s way to your new home
It’s a great adventure, but an unknown voyage
Just hope it’s plain sailing and no hint of a storm

The residents are friendly and very welcoming with local knowledge
The Manager will see you know the rules and help you settle
Plenty to do, exercise your creaky bones, eat your porridge
Join in the activities, it will keep you in fine fettle

With a few adjustments it will all work out
Less work to do, more time for enjoyment and fun
You’ll be glad you decided to move, of that there is no doubt
So be happy in your retirement, sit back and enjoy the sun

With Halloween coming up, Margaret also wrote a spooky one.

A spooky night

A howling gale fiercly blew
The old empty house leant askew
With shutters no longer new
‘Shall we go inside?’ I said to you

We shivered and shook!
Did we dare have a look?
There’s a decrepit gate to unhook
Perhaps we will see a spook

I ventured in feeling very brave
And tripped over a lumpy grave
I yelled, ‘that was a close shave!’
You gave me an encouraging wave

Then we both scurried inside
Feeling quite terrified
Suddenly we were quite popeyed
‘What can that be?’ I feebly cried.

A skeleton with a queer ghostly glow
Rose to it’s feet and swayed to and fro
A voice filled the air, creepy and low
‘Don’t be afraid m’dears, it’s Halloween you know!’

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