3 March 2020

Married for 67 years: Colin and Jean at Arcare Springwood

Here at Arcare Springwood, we are blessed to have eight married couples in our communities.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a lovely morning tea, where the clients were invited by formal invitation.

The morning tea featured a multitude of love songs that the clients had chosen.

The residence chef had also prepared beautiful pink butterfly cakes to suit the Valentine’s Day theme.

Colin and Jean were married in December 1952 and have seven children together.

They have a beautiful relationship and often share stories about their 67-year romance of respecting one another and working together as a team.

Another couple in our Singhagiri Community is David and Colleen, who have also been married for 67 years.

David and Colleen are both very active people in our community and they both share a love of gaming, travel, general knowledge and craft.

It is truly heart-warming to be able to provide a loving and safe community for these beautiful couples to continue their love stories as they enter a new chapter of their lives together.

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