10 July 2019

Meaningful activities

Contributing to the community instills a sense of meaning and purpose in Arcare Surrey Hills clients, Frederick and Valerie.

Fredrick and Valerie enjoy spending their spare time helping café assistant, Simmi, fold the weekly cafe menus.

Client, Valerie laughs “We’re getting paid with a banana from the cafe, but that’s fine by me!”

Although the task may seem ordinary or mundane to some, Fredrick and Valerie enjoy, that task enables them to keep busy and contribute to the wider Arcare community.

Engaging clients in meaningful activities, such as volunteering within the community, promotes independence, helps raise self-esteem and self-confidence and also helps reduce the feeling of social isolation.

Meaningful activities provide an opportunity for small group discussions, sharing stories and reminiscing about past jobs, chores and tasks.

Lifestyle coordinator, Monique says “We enjoy encouraging clients to contribute in any way they feel comfortable, as we see how important it is to improving and maintaining their mental, social and emotional wellbeing.”

Client, Frederick exemplifies the positive outlook that these meaningful activities provide clients.

“We’ll be back next week! You just let us know, if there is anything we can do to help and we’ll be happy to help!” Frederick says.

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