24 October 2019

Meaningful chats with St Columban’s College at Arcare Caboolture

Recently, the team from St Columban’s College contacted us at Arcare Caboolture to arrange student visits.

They asked if we had 10 clients who would be interested in interacting with the students of St Columban’s College for weekly chats.

So far, the student visits have been going really well!

They meet once a week for a total of six weeks at our residence café, where they get to enjoy coffees and milkshakes.

Over a delicious drink, the clients and the students chat and get to know more about each other’s lives.

Through the conversations, it brings back a lot of childhood memories for the clients.

And the students can also learn a thing or two from the wisdom and experience of the clients.

After the first student visit, the clients were thrilled as they enjoyed the company of these young students.

And many said they were very happy with the student they were partnered with.

During these six weeks, we are hoping to build a special and long-lasting bond between the clients and the students, moving from simply visitors to good friends.

“It was a lovely afternoon with the students,” Gloria commented.

Through their smiles and laughter, we can definitely see that the student visits at Arcare Caboolture bring meaning and companionship to the clients.

After the six weeks, the clients will also be invited to the college for a morning tea with their buddy students.

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