11 March 2020

The simple things

When a client moves into aged care, they will often feel overwhelmed, as they feel that everything they have ever known is changing. Clients often have to leave their homes, pets and even loved ones, when they make the big move into aged care. These change, and the uncertainty, and sometimes unwanted nature of these changes, can often make aged care seem like a scary and unwelcoming place.

The simple things, such as grocery shopping, cooking, gardening and cleaning begin to feel like long-lost foreign concepts, as all of that is now taken care of, when you move into aged care. The loss of these simple things and routine tasks, can sometimes lead clients to feel lost and without a sense of purpose and independence.

However the lifestyle teams at Arcare communities around Australia, have began working closely with their clients to develop programs, that encourage and enable clients to maintain their independence, and enjoy these simple things once again.

Twice a month, the Arcare Knox community hold a mini mart in their ground floor foyer area, to encourage clients to be independent, venture out of their suites and buy some of the items that they want.

“The mini marts have been a really empowering thing for our community. Our clients feel like they are able to go about their normal routines with the support and encouragement from the Arcare team. Such a simple thing, such as shopping has dramatically improved the attitudes of some of our clients.”Arcare Knox lifestyle coordinator, Leanne said.

Arcare Knox clients have begun to look forward to the bi-monthly mini mart so much so, that many have begun to write little shopping lists, as a reminder of things to purchase or order next time around.

“I love visiting Knox’s mini supermarket twice a month,” Arcare Knox client, Paula said. “There is always something for me to buy for a treat, and they will always take orders for anything else that I may want. It helps me so much, as it is just like going to the supermarket, without leaving the residence.”

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