26 August 2019

My time, my choice

My Time, My Choice is a lifestyle program that has recently started in the Arcare Knox and The Lodge communities.

The program encourages clients to think and choose what’s most important for them to do. It can be an activity, outing, project or wish that they may want to do or fulfil that day.

While some clients choose to do something on their own, others choose to work or enjoy something in a group. However it doesn’t matter if the activity is big or small, as the Arcare Knox lifestyle team are committed to making it happen.

In August, client, David became involved in the program. The lifestyle team asked David to think of something that would bring him joy. David settled on the idea of going back to see his beloved steam train, Ethel. David had restored and owned Ethel back in the day, before she was donated to the steam train museum in Scoresby. David often talks about how much he missed the train.

The lifestyle team got to work, organising the special visit for David. The team drove David to the steam train museum in Scoresby. David got slightly emotional when he saw his prized, Ethel once again.

“I was so overcome by the effort made by Arcare Knox to make this happen! I thought I would never see Ethel, my steam train again.” David said.

David was also overjoyed to see that the lifestyle team had organised all of friends to come along and surprise him. As David’s birthday was also coming up, everyone celebrated the day with a birthday cake and candles for David.

“It was so lovely to see how the My Time, My Choice program has given David a sense of purpose, and how it has enabled him to engage and be involved with the wider community once again.” Lifestyle coordinator, Leanne said.

David’s smile on the day was truly priceless, and it will be great to see what the Arcare Knox community do next in their new program.

“It was just an amazing day and I would like to thank everyone for all the effort.” David said.

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