30 June 2020

Nancy, our new Bingo caller at Arcare North Lakes

Nancy at Arcare North Lakes decided to change things up and give Bingo calling a go for a change.

Much to her surprise, she really enjoyed calling the numbers and taking charge of the game.

We all felt that Nancy did a wonderful job at bingo calling; she spoke slowly and clearly for everyone to hear.

She also displayed a sense of enthusiasm when calling out the winning numbers and she even shared a few giggles with the clients during the Bingo session.

‘She was lovely, we all had so much fun with Nancy calling out the numbers. We hope she keeps doing it!’ the clients commented.

We are very happy to see Nancy stepping up and becoming our new Bingo caller at the residence!

Here at Arcare North Lakes, we are encouraging all the clients to step out of their comfort zone and give it a go, especially when it comes to activities.

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