15 July 2015

Officer and a gentleman farmer

Dorothy Mitchell is one of the volunteers at Arcare Point Lonsdale who enjoys building relationships with the residents. Making the effort to get to know each resident she spends time with, Dorothy always has a warm and welcoming smile.

Dorothy recently shared a lovely experience she had with resident Rosemary, with whom she had a conversation finding out all about Rosemary’s mother and father.

You can read Dorothy’s words about the experience here:

“One day, I came across Allen and Rosemary Blythe, husband and wife residents at Arcare Point Lonsdale, looking through their wedding album. A conversation opened up about Rosemary’s mother, “Tootles”, and their family history.

Through discussion, I found out that Rosemary’s father was an English army officer and had been allocated farming land near Camperdown. I own a book about the lives of these English Army Officers, so I brought it in to share with Rosemary. Since then I have spent a lot of time with her.

Rosemary and I shared the story of her father, and her life. She was so delighted to hear the story and see her name and her brother’s name included in the book. “Oh, I remember that” was her constant comment while we read the story together. The book stated that Rosemary’s father was not an enthusiastic farmer (to which she wholeheartedly agreed!), though he did successfully grow 400 roses. Rosemary’s enthusiasm and excitement was such a pleasure to be part of.”

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