12 February 2019

Olive (Mary) Miller’s story

Olive Mary Miller, better known as Mary, resides at Arcare Malvern East. Mary was born in Suffolk, England to a family of seven and lived in England until she was in her early twenties.

When World War 2 began, Mary joined the Airforce as a Wireless Operator. During her time in the Airforce, Mary met her husband Rex. Unfortunately, Rex sadly passed away a few years ago.

Mary married her husband in London, before moving to Australia due to his work commitments. In Australia, Mary and her husband had a son and two daughters. When Mary’s children became old enough to attend school, Mary began work as a Telephonist.

Mary’s children visit her frequently at Arcare Malvern East. Currently, Mary does not have any grandchildren but has hope that that may change soon.

Since moving to Australia, Mary has returned to England several times to visit her family and friends there.

Mary is a happy, lovely lady and enjoys participating in many of the social activities. Mary especially loves to play word games and is known as a wiz. Due to her talent, Mary is considered as being the Crossword Champion of Arcare!

In the picture above, you will see a very happy Mary enjoying herself whilst playing one of her favourite crossword puzzles.

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