23 April 2019

One Last Merry Makers Concert

At Arcare Keysborough, St Patrick’s Day came early as we took opportunity of the Merry Makers concert.

The Merry Makers gave us a wonderful performance that was enjoyed by all.

Without any warning, the Merry Makers ended their show with an announcement that they were retiring and that it was their last ever show.

Hearing this news, staff members raced up stairs to gather gifts and create a hamper for the Merry Makers to thank them for all their years of service to aged care.


To show our gratitude, we also presented the Merry Makers with a certificate of thanks and appreciation.

The Merry Makers were very thrilled to receive recognition, which they weren’t expecting.

The lifestyle team have known the Merry Makers for 11 years and enjoyed their performances over the years.

While it was certainly the end of an eventful era to see the final show, we wish them all the best in their retirement.

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