7 November 2019

Paint pouring demonstration

Painting can be done in many forms and using many techniques. With the wonderful world of the Internet at just the click of a button, many artists can now share their techniques and work for people to view and try for themselves.

In October, Arcare Templestowe lifestyle coordinator, Noelene held a paint pouring demonstration for the entertainment of the clients.

Both, Noelene and the client were skeptical about attempting paint pouring, as they weren’t sure that their limited knowledge, and the guidance from the Internet would get them through the activity.

The vague instructions and lack of measurements from the video, also didn’t provide further reassurance to anyone, that their artistry would transform into anything more than blobs of different coloured paint.

All eyes were on Noelene, as the group watched on as she poured the paints.

“I hope the paints don’t all run into one. No one knock the table!” One client commented.

Unsure how much or how little to include, Noelene was taking direction from the group of clients. “Oh that looks like it was too much paint!” One client exclaimed.

“Oh well,” another replied, “We’re all learning something new here today.”

After pouring the paint, some final touches were added to artwork, as clients were encouraged to draw patterns in the paint with a skewer.

The clients thoroughly enjoyed watching the effects the paint being poured, and as a result of the demonstration, the community have requested that paint pouring be permanently added to the lifestyle calendar. There will be many more beautiful art works to come!

Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Paint Pouring Demonstration

Arcare Aged Care Templestowe Paint Poured

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