23 September 2020

Pen pal letters from friends in Melbourne

Clients at Arcare Parkinson have formed a heartwarming pen pal friendship with high school students from Melbourne.

Back in late July, Lifestyle Co-ordinator Jodie received the following letter:

Hi, I am Palwasha, I just called you a few minutes ago. I’m a high school student from Melbourne, Australia and I’m emailing from a community organisation whose aim is to brighten the day of elderly residents. (Outreach Group)

The students in our organisation really want to help in this time of crisis as we know how difficult it can be. We have an idea of how we can help to put a smile on the faces of the residents at Arcare Parkinson Aged Care. We would love to hear your thoughts.We would like to start a process where a student would send a personalised letter of encouragement to one resident at your centre.

So, that in the end each resident would receive a letter.

In mid-September, the community of Arcare Parkinson received 110 handwritten letters from the students!

It was very heartwarming to present their personalised letters to each and every client in our community.

As Jodie was handing the letters out and reading it to them, there were lots of smiles on their faces.

‘We’re all amazed by the kindness and thoughtfulness of these young people,’ a client shared.

Now, we plan to sit down together as a group and write a letter back to our pen pal friends in Melbourne.

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