17 May 2021

Prestigious College Alumni connect at Arcare Maroochydore

Arcare Aged Care’s relationship first approach sees strong friendships and connections formed all across our communities. This approach empowers residents living in a destination resort-style home to receive support through challenges and successful times.

93 year old Arcare Maroochydore resident, Eric Butterfield was a former Executive at BP. He recently went through a difficult time after his wife passed away. He moved to Arcare Maroochydore for a fresh start and after a warm welcome into the community, found camaraderie with fellow Brisbane Boy’s College Alumni and Arcare team member, Ross Nilsen.

Eric has received a wealth of support from the care, cafe, and lifestyle teams and now has an improved outlook.

“It’s great to meet another alumni, there’s always a bond that connects us,” Ross said. “I understand that he was going through a rough patch, so I bring him his favourite coffee and we sit and reminisce on fond memories. He knows he’s not alone and that we are here for him”.

Ross brought in his old uniform, the school boater and some old portals, much to Eric’s delight and they exchanged stories about their time at the school.

Eric started at Brisbane Boy’s College in Towoong in 1935 and recalls being the youngest student at the school. He was a Drum Major of the pipe band and completed school in 1942. Eric fondly remembered a teacher who was nicknamed ‘Little Bill Williams’, this teacher went on to become the Form Master for Ross in 1966.

Since finding their connection, Ross reached out to Brisbane Boy’s College in Toowong to inform them of their connection. Brisbane Boy’s College was delighted and overjoyed to receive information about their alumni, noting Eric as one of the most senior alumni to date. They will be featuring an article on the friendship in their next publication.