6 August 2020

Arcare North Lakes’ very own quiz emcee

Client Sally is a regular member of Arcare North Lakes’ weekly quiz sessions and she recently took on the role of being the quiz emcee!

Every Thursday morning in the community of Arcare North Lakes, clients look forward to a day of exercise.

Right after some physical exercise with the Physiotherapists, the clients unwind a little with a nice cuppa for morning tea and then it is back to some mental exercises.

In one of their weekly quiz sessions, client Sally volunteered to be the quiz emcee.

Sally has been participating in them for quite some time now, so she was very happy to take on a different role this time.

The quiz questions can range from general knowledge to the very popular ‘Finish the Proverb’.

Based on what we have seen so far, we think that the clients at Arcare North Lakes are good enough to compete in game shows such as ‘Mastermind’ or ‘The Chase’!

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