3 February 2020

Robotic animals come to visit Arcare North Shore

The sound of meowing and barking is not something clients would normally expect to hear at Arcare North Shore.

However, over the recent week, clients are now quite accustomed to it.

Eracra the ginger Tabby cat, Tux (Tuxedo) the black and white cat and Goldie the Golden Retriever have found a home at Arcare North Shore.

However, there is something special about these three – they don’t leave a mess and they don’t run away.

That is because these three are robotic animals!

‘And she just stays here? She doesn’t run away? She’s so good! I’ll definitely look after her,’ client Wendy Howell said.

All from Dementia Australia, the two cats are even touch sensitive.

Petting the side of their face causes them to purr, meow and close their eyes – all in a very lifelike manner.

Once you pet their tummy, they even roll over for better tummy pat access!

Not only this, they come equipped with their very own brush which the clients can then choose to maintain and look after the animals.

Goldie the dog is touch sensitive but also voice activated.

This means, the more you talk to him, the more he talks back!

‘Goldie just made my day even better!’ client Jeff Walker said.

The clients are always delighted to spend time with these furry visitors and they look forward to it.

From this session with the robotic animals, the clients also feel a sense of responsibility in taking good care of the animals.

Sometimes, it might even bring back fond memories of their old pets.

Client Nancy Tompkins commented, ‘Aren’t you just the cutest! You look like my old cat, yes!’

In particular, the Saunders community at Arcare North Shore are overjoyed when they see the Lifestyle team carrying them in and they all cannot wait to be the first one to have a cuddle.


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